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Ji Yoon Lee (b.1992, South Korea) is an artist who lives and studies in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated BA in Fine art from Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, Ji Yoon is studying for her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art. She is a multidisciplinary artist who deals with a wide range of materials such as video art, installation art and musical element. Her research is based on the acceleration in rapid modernisation, a vague transparent boundary between the digital world and the individual and questioning humanity in the digitalised future. Specifically, she addresses the meaning of physical space in screen-based life. Based on these questions, she is expanding her artistic study by using the body's sensory system.

Apart from art she also performs as an independent musician “Zhiyoon.” In 2021, Ji Yoon composed the main theme soundtrack 'Confluence' for a documentary film <Confluence, 2021>, directed by Eva Osting. The film takes a look into the world of artist Charlotte Watson during one of the world’s longest Covid-19 lockdowns in Melbourne. <Confluence, 2021> has presented at the 21st Matsalu Nature Film Festival (MAFF) in Estonia in 2022.

이지윤(1992년생, 대한민국)은 스코틀랜드 글래스고에 거주하며 공부하는 예술가이다. 동국대학교 미술학과를 졸업했다. 현재, 글래스고 미술 학교에서 MFA를 위해 공부하고 있다. 그녀는 비디오 아트, 설치 미술, 음악적 요소와 같은 광범위한 재료를 다루는 다분야 예술가이다. 그녀의 연구는 디지털 세계와 개인 사이의 모호하고 투명한 경계인 급속한 현대화의 가속화와 디지털화된 미래의 인류에 대한 의문을 바탕으로 한다. 특히, 그녀는 스크린 기반의 삶에서 물리적 공간의 의미를 다룬다. 이러한 질문들을 바탕으로, 그녀는 신체의 감각 시스템을 사용하여 예술적 연구를 확장하고 있습니다.

예술 외에도 그녀는 Zhiyoon이라는 독립 음악가로도 활동한다. 2021년, 지윤은 에바 오스팅이 감독한 다큐멘터리 영화 <Confluence, 2021>의 메인 테마 사운드트랙 'Confluence'를 작곡했다.


-MFA in Fine Art | Glasgow School of Art | Glasgow | Scotland, UK | 2021-2023

-BA in sculpture | Dongguk University | Seoul | South Korea | 2015

-The Art Students League of New York | mixed media a month course



-2019 Silence Awareness Existence | Arteles Creative Centre | Finland 

Solo Show

-2019 Whirlpool, Space BA, Seoul, South Korea.


Group Exhibition

-2023 Screw it, The Barns Garage, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

-2022 The First Urban Regeneration: Chilseong Tong, Nomadic Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea.

-2022 Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim show, Florence street school, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

-2021 Service, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

-2019 Color 2019, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea.

-2016 Korheart, Holiday Inn Express, London, United Kingdom.

-2015 Degree Show (BA), Gallery Dongguk, Seoul, South Korea.

-2014 Color of New York, Gaia Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.

-2013 Unaware, Dongguk University Library Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.

-2013 The Sculpture Exhibition, Samsung Electronics, Nano city, Giheung Company, Giheung, South Korea.

-2013 Relations, Topo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.

-2012 Terra-cotta, Dongguk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.


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